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Brand imaging, marketing and an online presence is everything in business. With it, your business will grow tremendously. Without it, your business will fail. No one understands this more than myself.

I am a visionary that believe the keys to business are to never cut corners and to have the highest standards in creativity, customer service and affordability. I think outside the box, yet live within traditional guidelines. I understand that in business, you only get one chance: one chance to make that 1st impression, to capture that customer, to retain their business and referrals. We are here to guide your viral path in order to ensure your success online, locally and worldwide.


When you work with me, it's a partnership.


What are you trying to accomplish? Who is your target audience? Questions such as these are asked during our initial Creative Briefing. A process where your answers determine the requirements we must exceed in order to call your project a success.

We also provide our clients with a Concierge Service, personally crafted and tailored for your individual project needs. Want to pay your balance? Need to see our progress in detail? Want to request a quote? Our Client Concierge is at your service.

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My goal is to know your competition, target your audience, and market your product effectively. I work with you every step of the way to insure you're satisfied throughout the entire process. All leading to a well thought out design strategy, handcrafted to fit your every need.

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From your website to your brochure, we'll make sure every detail is perfect. During this process we'll deliver pixel perfect mockups for your review so you'll know exactly what you're getting. We understand that every piece, every detail is a representation of your brand we'll make sure it's flawless.

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Maintaining a brand image can be difficult but I can help!

I design products to grow with your brand. Whether it's adding features to your site, developing guidelines for your social media presence or just updating the content in your brochure, you can rest assured E'lon and Company will stand by you every step of the way.

Want to fly solo? No problem! I'll give you everything you need including guidelines to help insure your success!

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  • Services

    We offer a wide range of services to fulfill your every need.

  • Design

    Good design solves problems, communicates a clear message and provides the audience the tools it needs for understanding. We believe that great creativity starts by understanding the context of the design challenge and only then can you deliver a truly inspirational piece of work. We love challenges, let us solve yours.

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  • Development

    Our developers are fluent in HTML4+, CSS2+, Javascript, PHP, SQL, and Java. We employ frameworks such as Jquery, Sencha, YUI, Angular JS, and Ruby on Rails to ensure that our products are current with industry standards.

    Our products are accessible, compatible and searchable, and can be integrated with content management systems such as Joomla or WordPress. We employ only safe, reliable, and affordable hosts, ensuring constant uptime for your website, and immediate customer service.

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  • User Interface

    Creating beautiful and simple interfaces out of complex sets of information is what we do best. When you encounter a new interface for the first time and just "get it," we know we've done our job.

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    User Interface
  • User Experience

    Users want an experience that is valuable, aesthetically pleasing and emotionally satisfying. Our goal is to provide a compelling and intuitive experience that is useful, usable and undeniably beautiful. We also know that a costumer's experience isn't just about a website, it's about everything your business does.

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    User Experience
  • Consulting

    Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our trailblazing approaches to business planning, business development, business strategy, sales management and marketing throughout the areas of eBusiness. Our services bring real return on investment by increasing sales, profitability, market share and efficiency.

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  • Branding

    Branding is so much more than a logo, it's what your customers use for reassurance when choosing you over a competitor. We'll work with you to discover what drives your brand and what makes you unique. In this way we can develop a system that communicates directly to your audience and connects with them emotionally.

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See what people are saying!

Jessica Zapatero
Publicist, Zapatero + Bucaram Public Relations, LLC

I was so pleased with the results of the graphic design task on a very short notice. Elon was accommodating and responsive. I highly recommend Elon!

Robert Nassour
Vice President, GRAM Traffic Counting, Inc.

The staff was friendly and they met every deadline that was set. We were very pleased with the quality of work and felt that we got the most out of our investment into our webpage.”

Candice Fort
Mother of Two

Elon created a CD cover for my daughter's 12th birthday that she will remember forever. They listened to each detail I wanted and with each draft incorporated my daughter's style, personality and fun loving nature. I would definitely recommend Elon and Company for any of your graphic needs.”

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